Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Imagination & Happiness

Krissy Venosdale: If I Built A School

Sugata Mitra: Build A School In The Cloud

Both Sugata Mitra and Krissy Venosdale's ideas are amazing. Krissy Venosdale put her "dream school" description on her blog for people to see, but Sugata Mitra is doing something, not just saying it. I am very impressed with all of the places he has gone, children he has taught, and ideas he has shared with the world. To change our education system into something better for the future, we need more people like Sugata Mitra, who are willing to actually make changes.

What I Want My Students to Know

I want my students to be their own person. I want them to know that it doesn't matter if they aren't as smart as the person next to them, or if they are a different race, age, or sex. I want them to know that they, personally, can make a change in the world even if they feel like they are just one tiny needle in a hay stack. I want my students to know that they are the future and what they do with their lives does matter!

I Want My Students to be Able to Do

I want my students to be able to read, write, count, have self confidence, know their place in this world, laugh, love, forgive, multiply, divide, pray, talk, learn. I want them to be able to do anything they put their mind to.

My Primary Way of Teaching

I believe in keeping teaching strategies consistent with up to date technology, books and other resources. The traditional "teacher at the front of the classroom writing on the chalkboard" is absolutely acceptable, and indeed should be used sometimes. However, if I have the resources for a computer/iPad for every three students, then by all means I will let them use it. I love Mitra's SOLE concept. As long as the teacher is supervising and the students are actually discussing what they are learning, I think it is a great way to challenge them. I think my everyday teaching methods would include lecture, student-teacher participation, student-student participation and technologically based learning.

What Tools I Will Use

The physical tools I would use with my students would be chalk, iPads, markers, computers, paint, paper, smart boards, text books, puzzles, games, and anything else that could in any way better them as people. Other "tools" I would use are patience, kindness, forgiveness, love, care, discipline.

What Role My Students Will Play

Students should be the center of the learning atmosphere. Even though I know I will learn things from my students without them knowing they taught me anything, it is not about me. My students will play the main role in the part of their education they are getting from me. Participation and interaction is key in comprehending things they are learning. Games, flashcards, quizzing, color codes; whatever helps them learn is what we will use in my classroom. The environment will be fun, but serious, strict, but relaxed, loud and quiet, hyper and calm, fun and boring!

Practice Blog Post

My name is Kaylee Diegan. Well, it's actually Kaylee House because I am now married, but I haven't changed it with the university yet. I have lived in Mobile my entire life. I went to McGill Toolen Catholic High School, where I played volleyball. After my volleyball experience was over, I decided to coach the sport. I initially attended South, majoring in Education, then changed my major and schools, and I guess by fate I'm back here. I married my high school sweet heart, and together we have a three year old little girl named Zemmie. I have been around children my whole life. My family is very large, but still very close. I am an only child but I had plenty of cousins to play with growing up. I always knew I wanted my career path to include children, just didn't know if it would be in teaching or nursing. But, here I am now in the Education Program and I am beyond excited to begin helping change children's lives. My husband and daughter are my favorite people in the world. We have so much fun together and try to make the best out of this one life we are given! This picture is from our Disney World vacation last May.

My Test Post Title

This is my first post on my EMD 310 blog. I clicked on the HTML button like we should always do. Now, I'm a blogger!