Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Practice Blog Post

My name is Kaylee Diegan. Well, it's actually Kaylee House because I am now married, but I haven't changed it with the university yet. I have lived in Mobile my entire life. I went to McGill Toolen Catholic High School, where I played volleyball. After my volleyball experience was over, I decided to coach the sport. I initially attended South, majoring in Education, then changed my major and schools, and I guess by fate I'm back here. I married my high school sweet heart, and together we have a three year old little girl named Zemmie. I have been around children my whole life. My family is very large, but still very close. I am an only child but I had plenty of cousins to play with growing up. I always knew I wanted my career path to include children, just didn't know if it would be in teaching or nursing. But, here I am now in the Education Program and I am beyond excited to begin helping change children's lives. My husband and daughter are my favorite people in the world. We have so much fun together and try to make the best out of this one life we are given! This picture is from our Disney World vacation last May.

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