Sunday, June 9, 2013

C4T 1

For my C4T assignment, I was assigned to read 2 blog posts from The PE Geek's website. In the first bog post, Mr. Robbo posted about a 24 hour challenge. 24 Hours & a Mobile Device was a challenge from Jarrod Robinson to his PE class. They were to use their mobile device from the time they woke up until the time they went to bed, and no other use of technology. This was a great way to prove that the use of mobile devices can be useful in ways other than texting and making phone calls. Robinson was able to teach a full day of school to his students by using only his mobile device. I commented on his post and told him how great of an idea I thought it was. I think this would be something cool for Dr. Strange to require his EDM310 classes to do as an assignment. Surprisingly, Robinson responded to my comment and was grateful that I took time to read and comment on his post.

The second blog post I commented on was about the effect music has on exercise. Music, Spotify & Physical Education was about a six week training program that Robinson's students were completing. He allowed them to bring their mobile device,iPod,MP3 Player, etc. to listen to music on while completing their exercises. There are many different apps you can use to play music through. Also, you can create an interval playlist via the Music Workout App. This worked well for his students, but it does take time to get the desired songs set up. I think this was another great idea. Music helps me tremendously while I'm exercising. I can feel like quitting, and a certain song will come on and help finish me through my workout. Robinson also responded to the comment I left on this particular post. He was very encouraging and told me if I had any further questions or ideas to contact him.

Listening to Music While Exercising


  1. " can use to play music through. remove through. It is not necessary and interferes with the meaning of your sentence.

    Robinson has been very supportive of EDM310 as you see. His blog won Best Blog a few years ago.