Wednesday, June 19, 2013

C4T 2


Jonesy the Teacher is a PE teacher who is "having a crack at putting PE in the 21st Century." In the first blog I read, Road Safety Film Festival, he described a project his students were to complete based off Tropfest. Tropfest is the world's largest film festival. His students had to create a movie with road safety as their focus. Together, the class and teacher came up with six words. Each group had to choose one of these words, and use it as their film title and theme, thus basing their movie from this one word. The film had to include an ESI (Erina Signature Item), which was a traffic light. After the initial shock from the students, they were excited to see their end products. I had never heard of Tropfest before reading this blog post, nor an ESI. I thought this was a great project and it had to be rewarding for the teacher to see the end results his students produced.

In the second blog I read, No spoons, Jonesy discussed how he is trying to get away from "spoon-feeding" his students, or as Dr. Strange calls it "burp-back-education", and gear more towards project based learning. He uses Edmodo, where students can share documents, power points and assignments, and OneNote, which ended up not working like he planned. But, with technology, we have to expect that sometimes things will go wrong. When he first introduced this new type of learning/teaching to his students, he found that they wanted to just be spoon-fed. As I said in the comment I left on his blog, I was one of those students who wanted to be spoon-fed when I was in high school. I wanted my teacher to give me the answer, memorize it, and make a good grade on the test. But, I didn't know any different and now that I've been introduced to project based learning, I can't believe that teachers have taught this one specific way all of these years.

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  1. You got to read some interesting blog posts. Good job on your reflections.

  2. So now you know NOT to spoon feed your students. Projects, projects, projects. Questions, questions, questions!