Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blog Post 10


I had never heard of Randy Pausch until we were assigned to listen to his Last Lecture. In Randy Pausch's Last Lecture I was amazed at his lecture ability, outlook on life and all of his accomplishments. If you're not familiar with Randy Pausch I suggest doing a little research. He was an incredible family man, teacher, mentor and member of society. He was diagnosed with cancer and was given three to six months to live. He found this out one month prior to his lecture, but it wasn't holding him back!

I learned many things from Pausch's lecture:

You must teach fundamentals- students have to know the basics for everything else to work

If someone stops being hard on you, they've given up on you- never stop being hard on your students

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted"- even if we don't get what we want, we are still learning something and there's a reason for it

Dreams DO come true- never tell your students that a dream is too big

The classroom is the best place to make others' childhood dreams come true- encourage your students to dream, and help them accomplish those dreams

Keep pushing your students, raise the bar- no matter how excellent their work is, keep pushing them to do bigger and better things

Technology can really help students enjoy learning- why not make learning fun for students?

HELP OTHERS!- karma will get you

Let your kids paint their bedroom :)- what's it going to hurt?


Brick walls will only stop the undetermined- those who are determined will find their way around

I was so impressed with Randy Pausch and his outlook on not only teaching, but life in general. I was sad to read on the internet that he passed away in 2008. But, I am happy that he clearly lived a life he loved!


  1. Kaylee
    I loved you post. I could not agree with you more that a important point in this lecture is teaching fundamentals. No matter what students are learning the most important thing is fundamentals. As a coach I will spend all season coaching fundamentals if I have to. With out fundamentals then there is nothing to build on. I believe it is the same in the classroom.

  2. Kaylee,
    I enjoyed reading your post about Randy Pausch. I liked how you did more research than Dr.Strange had asked and found out when he had passed. I agree with you I think he did live a life that he loved. Great job!

  3. A very powerful statement. I hope you read it every year and put to work the things you have shared and the many other things about learning and education that Dr. Pausch shared with us in his "Last Lecture".

    Thoughtful. Interesting.