Tuesday, July 2, 2013

C4T 3

The PE Teacher is a blog written by Dylan Blain, a PE teacher in the UK. In the first blog I read Dylan Blain is looking for a website that provides research on physical education. He found one; Physical Education Matters. However, like many other teachers he was looking for one that is free. He also found one of those; Dr. Ashley Casey's blog. PE is being overlooked. It is not seen as an important aspect of school and learning. I happen to disagree with this. I’m not sure exactly what research is saying about physical education, but now I’m interested and want to search and find out.

The second blog post was about department developments. Instead of sharing lesson plans by paper planners, Dylan Blain and his colleagues are using their classroom iPads to share video footage of their lessons. I think this is a great idea. He also talks about using Google docs to share information and have separate folders to put specific information in. Google docs has worked well for my group in this class. I’ve enjoyed using it because it is simple and works quickly. Using technology can make things easier in the classroom by freeing up time and allowing for creative opportunities.

Here is a video that discusses reasons that physical education is important for students!

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