Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blog Post 11

Ms. Cassidy, a first grade teacher in Canada, is taking advantage of the technology provided. About ten years ago she was given five basic computers. That's where her journey began with incorporating technology into her classroom. In the first video I watched, Little Kids...Big Potential, it is clear that her students enjoy using technology in their classroom. They use computers for their blogs, websites and wikis. They also use videos and pictures. They were even allowed to use a Nintendo DS for a specific lesson. Her students are communicating and sharing ideas with other students around the world, including places such as China. I'm 24 years old and I think that's awesome; I can't imagine what a six year old would think!

I think all of her techniques have potential to be used in my classroom. First of all it depends on what resources I'm given. Hopefully by the time I have my own classroom, each of my students will have an iPad. I thought it was interesting that Dr. Strange brought up the students' parents in the interview and what they thought about their students not only being on the internet, but their pictures and work being posted as well. I have babysat children before whose parents did not want their children's pictures put on Facebook. I loved Ms. Cassidy's response though: she only uses first names and she doesn't post their pictures with their names.

In my opinion, Ms. Cassidy's approach would be very beneficial to the students, parents and the teacher. Imagine if your students were having fun, being creative and learning while people around the world were looking at their work and their parents could see their process at their convenience! Sounds pretty legitimate to me. I think we need more teachers like this, not just in early education, but all the way through college. My daughter is 3 and she has her own iPad. She can work the iPad better than I can. I can't imagine what she could do if she had a little academic encouragement once she's in school!



  1. "She can work the iPad better than I can.' and if there is not an ipad for her to use in school she will be disappointed.


  2. Kaylee,
    I loved your post. I think its amazing that your 3 year old daughter can work an IPad. I have a cousin who is 4 years old and does great on her IPad. It makes me wonder with all the children using technology at such a young age, what the future is going to be like ? It also makes me realize that learning to use technology and using it in the classroom is now a must for teachers.

  3. Kaylee,
    Great post, great points, and well written! Keep up the good work!