Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blog Post 14

Blog Post 14 Interview Due 07/21/13

You are to interview a teacher who uses PBL in their classroom. The teacher should teach your area of specialty. Create a list of questions prior to the interview that include things such as how long have you used PBL?, is there any advice they can give?, how does he/she practice time management skills in their classroom while using PBL?, etc. The interview can be videoed in person, recorded via Skype, Google, whichever is best for you and the teacher. You can just use an audio recording if you'd like. I have provided your specified teacher that you will interview in a Google Doc. It is your responsibility to set up the time and place of the interview.

After the interview, you must summarize it and tell us what you have learned from the teacher. Then, upload your interview to YouTube and post the interview and summary to your blog.

I came up with this idea because I thought it was cool how Dr. Strange and Anthony share ideas and learn things from each other for their classrooms, such as certain tools to use on the web. My friend, Katherine, has been a teacher for ten years. She teaches fifth grade. Just a couple of years ago she started hearing about Project Based Learning and became interested. Last year was her first year to make some changes in her classroom. Although she is nowhere close to knowing everything there is to know about PBL, you have to start somewhere! She admitted that she was comfortable in the way she was teaching, but knew it wasn't fair to the students once she started seeing all of the other possibilities. I know my first year as a teacher is going to be stressful and scary, but I hope that I can at least have some courage to introduce PBL to my students. She told me that it was acceptable to learn from my students. I agree with this! There are many children who know more about technology and apps than adults do. Why not engage with the children and allow everyone to learn something?


  1. "Although she is nowhere close to knowing everything there is to know about PBL..." That is true for everyone. Even after 45 years of being a Project Based teacher i am still learning!

    "...I can at least have some courage to introduce PBL..." Why does it take courage. Because you have to do something other than talk about what you know? Come on. You can do it! If not, forget teaching in Baldwin County. And if i were doing the hiring....

    This is an excellent idea but you must do it or it will be considered not done. Since that has just happened with PLN I strongly suggest you do the interview and post it even if it is late.

  2. We've noted that you've completed your assignment.