Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blog Post 16



Reflecting back on Blog Post 1 made me laugh. I remember sitting in EDM 310 on the first day and feeling extremely overwhelmed and stressed out. The instruction manual was so lengthy and I had never even heard of most of the programs I would have to use. Eight long weeks later, I am reflecting on how I felt the first day of class and when I wrote my first blog post.

Everything I said in Blog Post 1 was true! I still want my classroom to be fun, enjoyable, colorful, loud and all of the fun adjectives I used to describe it. I still want my students to be themselves and know that it's good to be different. I still plan on using iPads and SMARTBoards. However, I can now elaborate on all of these things. Now that I've experienced them myself, I can say for sure which ones I will and will not use. I can add iCurio, Blogger, iMovie, widgets and many other things to my list of technology tools I will use with my students. I have learned so much this semester and I'm thankful for the technological knowledge I will take with me!




  1. This is my favorite kind of final reflection... excitement for your future class, positivity, and honesty replacing efforts to impress Dr. Strange. :]

    Good luck in the rest of your classes. You'll be great!

  2. Very interesting. It is a shame that schools do such a good job of teaching students to guess what their teacher want burped back rather than creating independent learners who think on their own. I am glad you are moving in that direction!